Limited Time Crafting System
The developers of Metasource Games are frequent players of Wax based games. We have found our two favorite things are 1) crafting and 2) acquiring scarcity based NFTs.
The purpose of the Limited Time Crafting System is to:
  • Provide a fun and exciting way to engage with the Castles ecosystem
  • Provide entry level crafts for new players, no matter the cost of lands.
  • Acquire new crafter or Wonder bounty NFTs
  • Limit the amount of new crafters that can be made based on time or supply.
  • Once an event is ended, the only way to craft new supply of those crafters or wonder bounties is to wait for the next event. The next event will have a capped supply matching the same amount minted during the last event or less, the max amount determined by the developers.
  • Past events may take time to re-occur.
One of the first Limited Time crafting events will be the Lumberjack. Players will have a 2 week window to craft as many lumberjacks as they can. After that, no more lumberjacks will be available to craft until the next event. The next event's cards will have the same mint availability as the last event or lower. This means if 5,000 lumberjacks were minted during event 1, then only 5,000 or less will be available to mint during lumberjack event 2.
Intention/Crafter Chain
The lumberjack is an important part of the ecosystem, as it converts msource tokens into lumber FTs. These lumber FTs can be converted for free into stacks of NFTs to be sold in the marketplace.
The intention is that the Lumberjack is the "origin" crafter and is expensive to recharge. Crafters after the lumberjack will be cheaper to operate and require goods from the previous crafter in the chain to recharge. This allows for newer players to pick up crafters later in the chain for lower cost. This will make sense when you analyze the recharge cost of each crafter and the number of goods produced.
Point System
Each crafted good (Lumber, Fine Wood, etc) will have its own point assignment. This point assignment will determine the crafting costs of Wonders, new crafters and other crafting related activities. The point value of lumber is roughly 3 times more than fine wood.
Here's the current possible crafting events, their costs and rewards.
NOT FINAL DATA Dates/Costs subject to change
Crafting Event March 24 - April 7
Lumberjack Cost: 100k Msource + 2 Royal Seals
Produces: 2-3 Lumber FTs/day
Weekly recharge cost: 400k Msource + 4 Royal Seals
Crafting Event April 12 - April 26 (Carpenters may be based on limited supply instead of time)
Carpenter Cost: 9 Lumber + 2 Royal Seals
Produces: 2-3 Fine Wood FTs/day
Weekly recharge cost: 6 Lumber + 1 Royal Seal
Crafting Event May 3 - May 17
Royal Courthouse Wonder Bounty Cost: 25 Lumber + 70 Fine Wood + 8 Royal Seals
Monthly Reward: 50% of Wax purchases from Royal Seals split between bounty holders (the other 50% split with developers). Distributed from monthly snapshot. Persistent reward and tradeable NFT.
Crafting Event May 24 - June 7th
Explorer's Guild Cost: 35 Lumber + 105 Fine Wood + 10 Royal Seals
Monthly Reward: The Explorer's Guild starts off our Land Rush crafting event and manual land crafting for all players!
And more...!
***Based on these numbers it will take roughly 1.5 weeks from earning with a Lumberjack and 3 carpenters to craft one Royal Courthouse Wonder Bounty.
Prize Tickets:
For participating in the limited crafting events, per a craft you will earn PRIZE TICKETS! At the end of the event we will hold a raffle for prizes such as Barons, packs and more!
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