Land Scarcity and Cost Increases
The more farms that are minted (either from Barons or crafting or rewards) the scarcer lands will become by increasing their craft costs.
As the farm mint tiers increase, the merge costs, Castle rewards, Baron and Castle recharge costs also adjust to the economy. Importantly, LAND EARNINGS REMAIN THE SAME.
The first cost increase occurs at 500,000 farms minted.
Farms Minted
Cost to Craft Explorer Land Packs
Castle earning bonus
Castle Recharge Cost
Baron Recharge Cost
Land Merge msource cost
0 to 500,000
16 Fine Wood
1 Royal Seal
1 Royal Seal
1 Royal Seal
32 Fine Wood
1-2 Royal Seals (Possibility of seal shard)
2 Royal Seals
2 Royal Seals
2x of base
64 Fine Wood
1-3 Royal Seals
3 Royal Seals
4 Royal Seals
4x of base
128 Fine Wood
2-6 Royal Seals
6 Royal Seals
8 Royal Seals
8x of base
256 Fine Wood
16 royal seals
16x of base
Fine Wood is a crafting ingredient created by the Carpenter.
We have released the full information on crafting player lands by sending expeditions and creating land packs! See the full info here on the Explorer's Guild.
Any burned farms still count towards the total mint amount.
And to re-iterate again, land earnings stay the same. The intention being msource and crafted good demand increases complimenting expansions and new features, meanwhile msource income becomes more difficult to acquire.
As scarcity tiers increase, so the rewards of Barons and Castles adjust. An example, is that Barons have an advantage in an economy where lands become increasingly rare and expensive. They may have a chance to earn a farm shard or royal seals instead of a full farm daily. Any adjustment will be for the health of the economy to scale with the changes.
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