The goal of Metasource Games is to deliver fun, scarcity based gaming using digital collectibles allowing users to trade their assets over the blockchain. Currently our Metasource Cards are available on the Wax platform. If you do not have a Wax wallet, you can get started here.
Covered in this whitepaper are the following details:
  • The Msource token, which can be traded on Alcor, is earned passively through digital gaming assets like Metasource Cards and Castle NFT lands. Msource is used to craft new assets and access new systems in Metasource Games.
  • Metasource Cards are released on a set schedule, with a limited amount released weekly. Each card is unique and part of a faction set, collecting more cards of the same type and faction earn you more msource tokens daily! The official Metasource Card collection is named metasourcego and can be found on Atomic Hub here.
  • Castles NFT is a game about building wealth, influence and glory. Merge lands and take part in a Limited Time Crafting system to grow your kingdom! The official collection is castlesnftgo and can be found on Atomic Hub here. Whitelisting of Castles collection is forthcoming.
  • Transparent and public team - Metasource Games is a platform made by United States registered company, Trusardi Game Studios. We are active and show up regularly with our community!
  • Metasource Cards and Castle the NFT game assets and associated tokens are not sold as investments. They are video gaming items and collectibles.
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